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 The Search for Him

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Begginer Trainer
Begginer Trainer

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PostSubject: The Search for Him   Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:17 pm

The Search for Him


The world has... somewhat changed, over the past hundred years. Earth, as we know it, and it's inhabitants have all changed. Let me explain.
The year is 2199, a few months before the next New Year. The whole world has gone bankrupt, nobody can afford anything any more. The prices of the most smallest things have gone into the hundreds, and we are all suffering.
However, there is another civilisation. Another civilisation which is unimaginable. They're formed by the most mythical creatures man could imagine. Yet, to me they are not mythical, I was born within them.
This civilisation is hidden from the
'Impatient Ones', (another word for Humankind) as they are impatient to know what is out there, so they are not seen and found out. This civilisation, also known as 'The Mythics', are located in Forests, Caves, Underground tunnels, Sewers, Mountains, and even in Volcanoes.
I, however, am not like
'The Mythics'. I am not a creature, not a species of theirs. I am Human. My Mother was a Changeling (a species of Mythics), meaning she could turn into any creature she makes eye contact with, and my Father was a Human. A Changeling's original form is that of a Human, so my Father was obviously going to fall in love with a woman, even if they weren't in the first place. My Mother had broken the laws of 'The Mythics', the laws of which stated that it was forbidden to mix with the 'Impatient Ones' and forbid Mythics from allowing themselves to be seen. My Mother hadn't really broken the law which stated she was not to be seen, as she looked Human, but they still pressed charges against her as she was married. She was told she was not to make contact with any Mythics as long as she, her children, and her children's children, lived or they would be executed. This all happened after her marriage to my Father, a mistake I believe she made. After the marriage, she gave birth to two children, me and... Him.
Writing these entries places me in grave danger, yet my story before and after these entries must be told, so people shall know what an evil creation
He is.
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Begginer Trainer
Begginer Trainer

Posts : 15
Join date : 2010-07-07
Age : 22
Location : UK

PostSubject: Re: The Search for Him   Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:20 pm

Entry I

September 8th 2199 Location:- London
I still watch the news, hoping that I will find something which will aid me on my search. You see, I am investigating these murders, and I believe they have something to do with
Him. It may not make sense yet, but it will in due time. We just have to wait...
I can hear my Hotel Room's television, it's on a news reporting channel. I'm waiting on the murders they list in London tonight. I can hear the woman's words, and what I hear during her reporting shocks me. A murder in Trafalgar Square, a woman, head blown off, forensics claim that it was blown up from the inside.
I have caught a new lead, and to Trafalgar Square I go... Now, where's that cloak?
His footsteps pound down upon the wet pavement, the rain crashing down upon his hood. Lucas' bright blue eyes looked ahead of him, through the rain, as he ran. Trafalgar Square. He continuously repeated in his head. That's where he is. He continued his loud footsteps through the streets of London, hell bent on getting to his destination.

Soon, Lucas had arrived on the scene of the murder. There was no Forensics, no Police, or News reporters on the scene, they didn't stick around for much longer nowadays, they just came and went. Lucas ducked underneath the yellow 'DO NOT CROSS' tape and looked at the body, which was lying on the base of a fountain. By the looks of it, the woman had seemed to be in her late 20's, almost coming to her 30's. Lucas sighed. He did go for the younger woman, He thought they were vulnerable. However, He did kill more men than woman. Lucas bent forwards, examining the part of the body where the head would be, when a deep throated growl from behind him was heard. Lucas didn't even flinch, he continued examining the 'head' of the body.
“Lycan's are not supposed to dwell around civilised places.” Lucas taunted, still not looking back to see 3 large wolf creatures approaching him from behind. They stopped, the one in the middle taking a step forward to show he was the leader. If Lucas had turned to see, the Lycan would have been snarling, perhaps smiling, yet it would be hard to figure out what emotions they were trying to show.
“Look around you, it's dark, every Impatient One's are sleeping, it's raining and the moon is full.” It snarled even more has Lucas cursed and looked towards the dark sky. The Lycan, even though they usually didn't, had told the truth. The moon was full, meaning that this was a bad time for Lucas. Lycan's, when a full moon is free from the clouds, become stronger and faster than usual. And by stronger, they could knock a train over with the back of their paw, and by speed, they were incredibly hard to see. Lucas locked eyes with the lead Lycan, he was more built and taller than his two comrades, yet they all were a dark shade of brown during the night, during the day they were a lighter shade of brown.
“Boy's, looks like we're having dinner tonight.” The lead Lycan said, snarling evilly. The other two took their leaders speech as a cue to attack. They both sped towards him, and Lucas quickly sidestepped then rolled to escaped the rabid beast's attack. One of the Lycan's crashed into the fountain base while the other one quickly turned and set after Lucas again. The lead Lycan was sitting this one out, snarling with joy as he anticipated Lucas' death. Lucas set his blue eyes to the sky, the moon was continuously being blocked out by the clouds.
“The rain!” He exclaimed, suddenly looking at the oncoming Lycan, who was less than a metre away. Lucas quickly forced himself to fall backwards, the Lycan jumping over him. He quickly stood up, watching the Lycan land and slowly turn himself in rage. Lucas then heard a snarl behind him. He had forgotten about the other Lycan! It was speeding towards him, the distance closing between the two of them. Lucas dug inside his cloak and pulled out a Magnum, and, with one swift movement, aimed it at the second Lycan's head, and pulled the trigger. The distance between the barrel of the Magnum and the Lycan's face was a few inches, meaning that Lucas was at risk of death for a moment. Lucas heard the gasp of the lead Lycan as his pawn was killed before him, yet all was not over. The other Lycan pawn had kept back, knowing Lucas was armed, and gave threatening growls towards him. His blue eyes were then set upon the growling Lycan, and his free hand was digging into his cloak, pulling out a second Magnum. The Lycan flinched at this, and watched Lucas take aim at it.
“Kill him!” The Lead Lycan barked. “KILL HIM!” And at that, the Lycan began to circle Lucas, it's paws spraying water about as it crossed puddles. Lucas fired many bullets, all of which missed as the Lycan sped around him. Lucas cursed as he heard familiar clicking sounds coming out of his Magnums instead of bullets themselves. He had just ran out of ammo. The Lycan took this as it's opportunity and pounced upon Lucas. The wolf had pinned him down to the ground, snapping at his face, even when his jaws were being held at bay by Lucas' hands. Lucas lifted his legs from underneath the Lycan and pushed with all his might. His feet made contact with the Lycan's stomach, making the creature yelp in pain as it was forced off of him. As soon as the Lycan was off of him, Lucas scrambled about in his cloak, and pulled out a case of Magnum bullets. He hurriedly tried placing them into the Magnum, cursing whenever the bullets refused to go into the holes or when he dropped them. Lucas glanced up just as he had gotten 5 bullets in, the Lycan was already chasing after him. Lucas began to panic now, just as he was fumbling the bullet into the Magnum. He took aim at the Lycan and BANG! It fell to the floor, blood pouring out of it's chest. Lucas let out a sigh of relief and the Lycan suddenly came back to life, grabbing his leg and digging it's claws in. Lucas let out a yelp of pain as he aimed the Magnum back at the Lycan and pulled the trigger 5 more times, wasting all the bullets within the gun. The Lycan fell back down, limp and dead. Lucas relaxed. This fight was over.

“Stupid Mutts.” He exclaimed, picking up his other Magnum. He holstered it in his cloak and had turned back around to search the dead carcass of the woman. It wasn't there. Lucas began to panic. How could it have moved?
“I believe you called us Mutts,” came a deep throated growl. Lucas flinched. I can't believe I forgot about the lead Lycan...! He slowly turned around to see the carcass up on top of a lamp post, and the huge figure of he Lead Lycan, casting a shadow over him. Not to mention...
“There's a full moon... you're dead boy,” and with that, the Lead Lycan pounced at Lucas.

Lucas made a quick sidestep and pulled out his large broad sword. He gripped the black handle tightly, and glanced, for only a moment, at the intricate symbols and markings on the blade. This would be a tough fight.

Lucas swung the sword, but the Lead Lycan was just too fast. It had already circled Lucas and was coming up from behind. A heavy shoulder barge knocked Lucas off of his feet, and left him winded. The Lycan ran at full speed, aided by the full moon, and swung it's large right arm across the left side of Lucas' winded body. Lucas went flying into a lamp post.
“You stupid brat! Haven't you read up on your history?!” The Lead Lycan barked, approaching him slowly. “We 'Mutts', as you called us, are practically invincible in the full moon!” It barked. Lucas shuddered. How could I forget... He cursed and picked himself up, wobbling as he stood up.
“You got a death wish boy?” The Lead Lycan asked, running forward. “Or are you just plain stupid?!” Lucas pulled out one of his Magnums and aimed it at the Lead Lycan.
“Silver bullets arsehole.” And at this, he pulled the trigger.

The Lead Lycan yelped in pain as the silver bullet ripped into it's right arm. It cried out in pain, throwing it's weight around onto all objects, clutching at what would have been his right arm, which was now gone. It threw it's body into the lamp post that held the woman's body up. The lamp post bent forwards, risking the body of damage.
“Crap!” Lucas shouted, as he ran as fast as he could with his bruised legs. He dived and managed to catch the body just in time, but the smell was horrendous. He quickly put the body down and looked in the direction of the Lead Lycan. However, it had gone. Lucas sighed and began to search the woman's body for evidence that would lead him to Him.
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Begginer Trainer
Begginer Trainer

Posts : 15
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Age : 22
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PostSubject: Re: The Search for Him   Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:22 pm

Entry II

Lucas grunted in pain as he searched the dead body. He was pretty bruised up from the fight, but he had to ignore the pain. This was because he had just found a small, strange black liquid where the head would have been on the dead carcass. Lucas raised his eyebrows in interest and pulled a small plastic tub from his cloak. As soon as the liquid was in the small tub, it began to jump around in anger. He was quite taken aback from this. The liquid was actually alive. But, what would He be doing with it? How did He come to own this mysterious creature? Lucas shook his head and sighed and watched the black liquid attack the sides of the small tub.

Lucas walked over to the Lycan bodies. He remembered that there was a strange metal glint on the back of one of their heads, so he began to inspect the bodies. What Lucas found shocked him greatly.
“No...” A small circular piece of metal was attached to the back of the head of the Lycan and an ancient symbol was embedded into it. The symbol meant 'Bounty Searchers'. Lucas hesitated, and quickly checked the other bodies. They all had the same symbol. He cursed and quickly backed away.
“How the hell...? Why am I being hunted?” Then he figured it out. It was Him. He was blaming the murders on Lucas. They must have been sent from Him.
“Dammit!” Lucas shouted. Footsteps could be heard in the distance, so Lucas ran in the opposite direction to the noises. He had to get back to the hotel room.

Lucas slammed the door shut behind him, throwing his cloak onto the bed. He began to curse and mumble repeatedly. Then, he sat himself down on the edge of his bed, head in his hands.
“How could this happen? Why did I not see this coming?” He asked himself, thinking out loud. Lucas panicked at times, but only when things were going wrong, or when something bad was happening. At this point of time, it was something bad happening, with a mix of things going wrong.

Lucas got up and walked into the Bathroom, and began to splash water on his face. He looked in the mirror and took in deep breaths, to calm himself down. He noticed his Blonde hair was turning a tinge of black, due to being thrown about by that Lycan Leader. So, Lucas decided to have a shower. Knowing the risk of the renting price going up by another £100, Lucas got into the shower and cleaned himself thoroughly.
September 8th... make that the 9th 2199 Location:- London
Tonight was rough, or should I say last night? When I left earlier it was 11:02pm. Now it's 1:17am. I guess I should get some rest, but one thing stays on my mind... What is this black liquid? I'm sitting here, looking at it bouncing on the walls of the tub. It looks aggressive... I wonder what it is. If it came from Him, what has He become? I can't bear to think about it. I shouldn't even worry for Him. After all, I am going to kill him. He has killed innocent people, and has framed me for it. All I can think about is Justice being served...
Anyway... Goodnight.
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Begginer Trainer
Begginer Trainer

Posts : 15
Join date : 2010-07-07
Age : 22
Location : UK

PostSubject: Re: The Search for Him   Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:23 pm

Entry III

September 14th 2199 Location:- London, Gatwick Airport
At the moment I'm in the back of a lorry. I guess you could call this 'Hitch hiking', but it's just the matter of the lorry going in my direction, so I decide to let it take me there. So I don't have to do too much walking.
Nowadays, the streets are too dangerous to walk through. Thieves using every opportunity to gain some money by beating the living day lights out of the next passer-by. Heck, nowadays you could get killed for having a penny on you... Despicable.
Anyway, I can see Gatwick Airport close-by. I'm giving an old friend a visit, he owes me, so I'm getting him to help me out. There have been reports of strange murders in France... Could it be

Lucas jumped out of the back of the lorry. It seemed to wiggle uneasily as his weight was relieved from the rest of it's load. He heard the driver question this sudden uneasiness in the vehicle, but he drove right on.

Looking ahead in the direction he needed to go, the once large and impressive Gatwick airport was now an over expensive, dirty, grubby building. Only a few people worked here now, seeing as the building didn't make enough funds to pay their workers. Now, with a new contract they have in the building, they'd be lucky enough to earn a fiver.

Lucas sighed and walked into the large doors of the entrance. The Reception woman, who seemed to be asleep, shot up when she saw her first customer in two weeks.
“Sir! Excuse me, Sir!” The woman called out, trying to get Lucas' attention. He glanced in her direction and approached her counter.
“How may I-”
“Where's Jack?” Lucas asked, cutting her off.
“Excuse me Sir?” Lucas sighed.
“Jack. Where's Jack?” He asked again, getting agitated. She stared at him blankly. She was wondering what Lucas was wanting with Jack Haling, a lowlife of a Pilot.
“Um... He's out back, checking his Plane over. But, Sir-” And with that, Lucas was gone, heading over towards a door saying 'Personnel Only'.
“Sir! Sir! That door is restricted from the Public!” Then she remembered that hardly any 'Public' came into this run down building any more.
“Oh forget it.” She said, beginning to pack her things and quit her boring, low paying job.

Lucas strode outside of the building, into the back area of the wide open grounds. There, he saw Jack Haling, a man who, a numerous amount of times, Lucas had saved his life. Jack, at the time, was checking the wheels to his Bi-Plane when Lucas coughed loudly. Jack was underneath the plane and jumped up in surprise upon hearing a loud cough. The sound of head hitting metal emanated out from under the plane, and a small groaning followed afterwards.
“Who, in the name of Lord, would come bugging me at a time like thi-” Jack's face went pale when he saw that Lucas was staring at him, agitated at what he was saying.
“You were saying, Jack?” Lucas asked him, frowning in the dim sunlight of Dusk.
“Um, well, heh. I was meant to say... Well if it isn't my old buddy, Lucas!” He said, quickly correcting what he had said earlier, and swinging his arm around Lucas. Jack was in his mid forties and, while Lucas was still younger than him by quite a lot, he was scared out of his wits what Lucas was capable of. He was just lucky to have Lucas as his friends, seeing as he would make a terrible enemy.
“Well, what do I have the privilege of seeing you here?” He asked Lucas.
“I need a ride to France.” Lucas said blankly, looking at the Bi-Plane. Jack frowned, but only for a second, before putting his cheesy grin back on his face.
“France? And how do you plan on getting there?” Jack asked. Lucas, in reply, nodded at the Bi-Plane.
“Oh, no no no no no.” He replied quickly. Lucas raised an eyebrow.
“And why not?” At this, Jack seemed to look down at the floor and kick a pebble sheepishly.
“Well, you're obviously going to make me do it for free, and you know I don't have a lot of money. So, I was just wondering if...” He began to murmur quietly, afraid to ask Lucas for a bit of pay.
“Speak up, Jack.” Lucas ordered in a normal tone. Jack jumped at this and said extremely fast,
“I want you to pay me to take you to France.” Lucas just stared at him and said plainly,
“You owe me, Jack. Remember?” He asked, making his way to the Bi-Plane. Jack quickly ran towards Lucas, trying to keep up with his long strides.
“That was hardly you saving my life-”
“You were going to be cut open alive by those Goblins, Jack. They would have eaten your eyes and body parts while you were still alive.” Lucas replied, cutting Jack off and getting into the Passengers seat of the Cockpit.
“But still, that doesn't mean you can't pay me-”
“You owe me, Jack.”
“You owe me.” And with that, still chattering on and protesting, Jack got into the Pilot's seat, murmured the words “Ass hole” underneath his breath, and started the Bi-Plane up. It made a tremendous amount of noise, but it still took off into the air... Like a bird struggling to fly against a strong wind. The Bi-Plane wasn't very dependant when you first saw her, but she got you to where you needed to go in no time at all. The exact quote from Jack when Lucas first looked at it in disgust.
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PostSubject: Re: The Search for Him   

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The Search for Him
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